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Wednesday, April 25, 2012The Journey – Jan Hahn + GIVEAWAY!!!An All-Consuming Adventure of Danger and Romance!Rating: 5 out of 5 starsIn her second Pride and Prejudice retelling, author Jan Hahn not only takes our beloved Darcy and Elizabeth off course, she transports them to scenario rife with danger, tension, and romance.Because of Mrs. Bennet’s endless tirade over Elizabeth’s refusal of Mr. Collins, Mr. Bennet sends Elizabeth to London to stay with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner, in hopes that his wife will soon reconcile herself to the fact that Lizzy will not be the next Mrs. Collins. Although not the arrangement initially agreed upon, Lizzy ends up traveling to London in Mr. Bingley’s carriage with only Caroline Bingley, Louisa Hurst, and Mr. Darcy. Between deflecting Caroline malicious barbs and avoiding conversation with the infuriating Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth can’t possibly imagine a more uncomfortable or unpleasant situation…That is until a band of highwaymen come and rob them all and take Darcy and herself as ransom…

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The Journey, by Jan Hahn 2011 Reviewed by Christina Boyd

At last, at last. It’s arrived at last. Fans of Jan Hahn, author of An Arranged Marriage, winner of 2011 Best Indie Book award by Austenprose, have been all anticipation for the release of The Journey.This Pride & Prejudice twist begins shortly after the Netherfield Ball. After Miss Elizabeth Bennet refuses the toady Mr. Collins’ marriage proposal, Elizabeth escapes her carping mother and journeys to London for a visit with her aunt and uncle Gardiner at Gracechurch street. Reluctantly she travels with Mr. Bingley’s conceited, boorish sisters and the aloof, prideful Mr. Darcy, when suddenly highwaymen halt their carriage. Nate Morgan, handsome outlaw and leader of this band of thieves, on impulse abducts Elizabeth for his own diversion. Chivalrously Darcy offers himself as pawn in her stead, however, this scheme falls short –and to everyone’s astonishment, Darcy proclaims Elizabeth his wife!

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Jan’s second Meryton Press book is nearing its release date! The proof copy is in the mail to Jan and the cover is lovely!

Assuming that there isn’t another major weather event to slow things down, then The Journey should be available to ship before Christmas!

Keep your eyes on Amazon!

(And yes, there will be ebooks following the paperback release!)

The ball is rolling on publishing Jan’s books.  Tentative release dates are: An Arranged Marriage – 7/15-2011; The Journey – 10/17/2011.

Jan Hahn’s stories, An Arranged Marriage and The Journey are now in Meryton Press’s publishing queue.  Although the date is yet undetermined, JanH fans can look forward to acquiring their copies sometime in 2011.  Please visit here again for updates on dates of release, cover images, and any other news we may have.